The Laser-Plasma Chair at the USAL has been promoted by the CLPU
Advisory committee and created in 2014 by CLPU with the main goals:.
-To promote and develop Laser-Plasma physics in the University of Salamanca and in Spain
-To support the experimental activities in the VEGA system by driving both a national and International User community.
The main research lines of LaPlas are:
Laser-driven charged particle acceleration for imaging, bio-medical application, heritage conservation and isotope generation.
- Laser-driven plasmas at extreme conditions.
- Inertial confinement approach to Fusion.
- Laser-Plasma and particle beam diagnostic techniques techniques and numerical simulations.
The Laser-Plasma Chair organize and support several national and
International activities among which:
- Master courses on laser plasma physics and related diagnostics (2 ECTs).
- PhD programs on laser plasma physics and applications 5 are currently opened.
- A laser-plasma international summer schools every 3th Week of September.
The LaPlas is also involved in two masters courses at the USAL:
i) Máster Universitario en Física y Tecnología de los Láseres (2 ECTs).
ii) Retos sociales de la ciencia y la tecnología de frontera (2 ECTs).
LaPlas is involved in several European projects H2020 and ERASMUS+ and several experiments at the CLPU, in the laser laboratories in EU and abroad are periodically organized under the umbrella of the Chair.
Prof. Luca Volpe.
Director of the LaPlas
Dr. Luca Volpe