The main laser equipment of CLPU is VEGA. This laser customized by Amplitude Technologies is able to reach a Petawatt peak power. Nevertheless, it is a unique laser system because it has two ouputs more: 20 terawatts (VEGA-1) and 200 terawatts (VEGA-2).
Besides the archievable peak power and the high repetition rate, it is must be mentioned the extremely good contrast of VEGA. Furthermore, since all exits share the same front-end, it is posible to synchronize the different outputs for pump-probe experiments. All this characteristics make of VEGA a singular laser not only in Spain, which is the only one with this design but also internationally.

The first two arms of VEGA are currently installed and operating. VEGA-3 is being installed in the M5 building, headquarters of CLPU.



It must be recognized that although the VEGA system is not fully installed, with VEGA-2 is possible to reach intensities in the range of 1019 Wcm-2 which is much higher than the atomic unit of intensity (3.5 1016 Wcm-2). Accordingly, we are at the moment carrying out different experiments in the field of proton acceleration.

The advantages of such powerful lasers do not only lie in the possibility of obtaining a tight focus and therefore an extremely high intensity; the possibility of obtaining large interaction areas, i.e., high fluxes rather than high brillances, becomes nowadays mandatory for some laser-based applications.

This versatility makes of VEGA a very promising tool for future industrial as well as scientific applications.